Intellectual Outputs

O1. National report

The main objective of this output is to map existing migration/integration services available in partner countries with a focus on gender-sensitive analysis. The analysis will cover both national legislation and regulations in respect to migration and integration policies, and the implementation of these policies. In order to ensure greater dissemination and exploitation of the igma concept to other regions it is important to develop an example map of services for each partner country.

This will provide a good starting point for the next networks as there are only slight differences between different regions in the same country. Moreover, the survey will include the explanation of the map and a short summary of recommendations for integration of the igma concept at policy and practical level in each partner country.
You may find the report here

O2. Guidelines for inclusion of gender-sensitive perspective as a part of migration and integration policy in EU

As a starting point the guidelines will include the European Agenda for the integration of third-country nationals and Communication from the Commission from 2011. Guidelines will be written in the form of analysis of the current policies from the perspectives of gender, cooperation among stakeholders and recommendations for inclusion of a gender-sensitive approach by the member states.

At the end of the project, the document will be presented to national governments and the Commission. The document will be available on the project website and the websites of relevant authorities in partner countries. The language of the product will be English. The translations to partner languages will be made if required by the national decision-makers. 
You may find the guidelines here. 

O3. Igma-Femina methodology for cooperation of local stakeholder networks working with migrant women

The methodology will be developed for effective career counselling and job placement of migrant and refugee women through a centralised approach, and the coordinated integration of measures at the stakeholder level. The methodology will be based on the concept of an existing igma methodology adapted to the needs of migrant and refugee women and enriched with a gender-sensitive approach and successful job placement strategies.

After the research and in close cooperation with stakeholder networks in all partner countries, the existing methodology will be revised and adapted to work with migrant and refugee women. Two new elements will be included, namely job placement strategies and strategies for the involvement of employers. Some modules will be re-written and some removed.
You may find it here 

O4. Igma-Femina training courses curricula

Curricula for two training courses in the gender-sensitive igma methodology will be developed for the following target groups: *Decision-makers working in the field of migration and integration of migrant and refugee women at policy and system levels in partner countries. *Counsellors and adult educators working in counselling, training and other integration activities with migrant and refugee women at operative level.

The innovation of such a course is that it is aimed at the training of stakeholder networks rather than individual counsellors or case managers. The result is the acquired knowledge can be directly implemented in practice, as the trainees will gain concrete tasks for gradual integration of the igma concept into their daily work in-between training sessions.
You may find here the igma femina ebook, for the Annexes please contact the partner in your country or the project coordinator.

Multiplier Event

European seminar "Gender-Migration-Integration: importance of gender-sensitive approaches in integration policies and practices in EU" The event will be organised in Stockholm with two main objectives: *to present the results of the project *to start the debate on the issue of employment of migrant and refugee women as a specific target group. The challenges and solutions at national and EU level will be discussed.

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